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Home Theater Speakers Wooden Subwoofer Speaker

Home Theater Speakers Wooden Subwoofer Speaker

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Power Cord Length: 1 Meter
Gross Weight: 6 (KG)
Frequency Response Range: 40Hz-20KHZ
Output Power: 200W or Less
Maximum Output Power: 60W
Additional Features: Bluetooth Connection, AUX Interface
Speaker Unit: 4 Inches Bass, 2.75 Inches Treble
Host Type: Only Power Amplifier Without Disc Drive
Number of Bass Speakers: 1
Number of Rear (Surround) Speakers: 2
Host Play Disc Format: DVD
Number of Front (left and right) Speakers: 2
Video Connection Method: None
Speaker Connection Method: Analog Transmission
Number of Center (lead) Speakers: 1
Speaker Box Material: Wooden

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